Strategic Software Partner

With reliable services and the ability to meet a range of IT needs, TMA became a strategic software partner for most of our clients over the last 27 years. We can help our clients focus on core businesses and leave the IT challenges to our engineering team.

End-to-end Solutions

We can provide end-to-end solutions for different IT needs from ideas to system analysis, design, implementation, testing, deployment, maintenance and support or from software development, testing to production support and IT managed services.

Dynamic Resources

With a large engineering team (4,000 engineers) and a wide range of skills, technologies, we can provide the right people at the right time to meet your business needs.

Established Engineering Process

TMA has developed and trained our employees using an approach called TMA Unified Process (TUP) that is based on industry standards and best practices (RUP, ISO, TL 9000, CMMI-Level 5, Agile, etc.), and TMA’s experiences from many successful projects over more than 27 years.

Security & IP Protection

We have built a secure working environment to give our customers peace of mind. Our security practices are ISO 27001: 2013 certified and have passed all security audits from leading telecom and financial software firms. We have a dedicated security group and conduct regular audits on every projects that we have.

Innovation as a Service

We have dedicated R&D centers to keep up with the latest technologies and offer them to our clients to develop a new generation of products and solutions.
Scalable facility-icon

Scalable Facility

Available facility for large team or Research & Development centers. With 5 offices in HCMC, 30,000 sqm for 4,000 people and TMA Innovation Park in Central Vietnam, 15.7 ha technology center for 3,000 people, we provide world-class infrastructure for global clients’ requirements.

Why Vietnam

Vietnam has become a new high tech manufacturing hub with investment from Intel, GE, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Fuji Xerox, Sharp, Matsushita, Nidec, Jabil, Canon, Renesas, ABB, Robert Bosch, Schneider Electric, Foxconn, Fujitsu, Canon, Datalogic, and Microchip.